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20/09/2018 News

Total delivery of solar lamps to students and teachers

Total Puerto Rico

Total delivery of solar lamps to students and teachers in schools in impacted areas without power

It is part of its global commitment to provide alternatives for universal access to energy Total began the delivery of its "Awango, TOTAL Access to Solar" solar lamps at the Casiano Cepeda Intermediate School, in the municipality of Río Grande, in the company of the Secretary of Education, Julia Keleher.

350 lamps were delivered to students, teaching staff and administrative staff. Once the delivery is completed in the first days of December, the company will have distributed 2,500 solar lamps to students and teachers to facilitate the study and preparation of material in their homes. This delivery will be part of a wider range of other 2,500 solar lamps to communities in which it is understood that it will take the restoration of electric power service.

"Our mission is to provide energy to everyone, even in areas where there is no access to an operational energy infrastructure as is the case in some regions of Puerto Rico post-Hurricane Maria," said Pierre-Emmanuel BREDIN, general manager of Total Petroleum in Puerto Rico.

The delivery of lamps in public schools is being carried out with the close collaboration of the Department of Education. The focus is on regions where it is understood that the restoration of energy will take time.

"We started distributing by schools because of our commitment to education. It is important to give continuity to children and young people with their studies so that they have a future, "said Bredin.

For its part, the Secretary of Education said that "the Department of Education and our school community infinitely appreciates this effort of Total, which demonstrates the commitment to our students."

He added that "as is well known, enlightenment influences the emotional states of everyone. That is why, in conjunction with the delivery of solar lamps we will be conducting a workshop on the management of post-traumatic stress and the importance of lighting, which will be in charge of the social workers of the Department of Education. It is fundamental for the welfare of the entire community to attend to the socio-emotional element, especially after the passage of an atmospheric phenomenon of the magnitude of Hurricane Maria, so that our staff and students can satisfactorily manage their emotions after an event that has marked us to all".

Since 2011, Total has developed a series of energy alternatives for sites that do not have access to an energy network under the program known as Awango. Since then, the universal access to energy program has impacted nearly 10 million people worldwide in 45 countries. The program includes solutions for individuals, homes and communities.

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