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The Quartz range

Through the efforts of two development centers and 110 researchers, we have developed Quartz, an extensive range of high performance lubricants for light vehicles. These oils are tested in laboratories imposing the most stringent restrictions. The commitment of TotalEnergies Lubricants with motor sports and the result obtained in the Grand Prix and the World Championship of races, also apply to these products


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Quartz INEO MC3 5W30

Quartz INEO products are lubricants designed by a synthetic technology of optimized formulas to protect the Emission Control Systems. These include Low SAPS and Fuel Economy technologies.

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Quartz 9000 ENERGY 0W30/5W40

The Quartz 9000 line of products is a series of lubricants with synthetic technologies of high performance for gasoline and diesel vehicles.

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Quartz 9000 FUTURE 0W20/XT 5W20/5W30/10W30

Synthetic lubricant based on the Fuel Economy technology. It is a high performance formulation thanks to its high quality additives and bases.

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Classic SN/GF5 10W30/ 5W30/ 5W20

This line of lubricants is completely compatible with international standards. They are designed for high technology gasoline vehicles and are formulated to ensure perfect lubrication and cleaning under normal driving circumstances.

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ATF multi-use for the mayority of GM and Ford vehicles from 1979-2007.

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FLUIDMATIC MV is made to meet the requirements of manufacturers that use premium synthetic oils with a balanced combination of additives.

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Complex greases with multi-use, extreme pressure lithium and calcium.