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TotalEnergies​ in Puerto Rico

TotalEnergies ​Petroleum Puerto Rico Corp. (TPPRC) is a subsidiary of the TotalEnergies​ Group.

TPPRC was created in 2004 and has consolidated its presence in the oil, lubricants and aviation business. TPPRC has over 230 gas stations, of which more than 200 are open in Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. It has 70 convenience stores (inside the gas stations) under the brands of Bonjour, La Boutique and Bonjour Rapide, and has aviation terminal facilities in PR and St. Thomas. As an integral part of its growth in the oil market in Puerto Rico, it has implemented a “First-Rate Service” program to provide service of the highest quality to customers at all its facilities.



TPPRC comes to Puerto Rico, establishing its presence in the gasoline and lubricants businesses by acquiring an independent local wholesaler called Gasolineras de Puerto Rico with a network of 100 gas stations.


TPPRC acquires the assets of Esso Standard Oil PR, including its 145 service stations and access to terminals and airports in Puerto Rico and St. Thomas.


TPPRC is committed to strictly applying ethical values with its customers, suppliers and employees. Respect for safety and environmental standards are an essential part of the corporate culture. The following three core values constitute the basis of the ethical commitment:

  • Respect, trust and permanence in our activities and exchanges.
  • Responsibility in the form of solidarity or professional responsibility
  • Example, which ensures the internal and external credibility of our actions.


Service Stations:

TPPRC has a large gas station network with over 230 stations, of which more than 200 are open in Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. Most of the stations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many of the gas stations have a wide range of products and services, such as sale of gasoline, oils, auto care products, convenience stores, oil and filter change areas, car wash area, and accepting the fleet card called “TotalEnergies​ PASS Card.”


The lubricants market is governed by technical specifications and certification procedures that constitute a set of international standards defined by quality standards and engine manufacturers. TotalEnergies​ develops a wide range of products and services with ever-higher performance levels to extend the life of your equipment/auto and reduce fuel consumption.


In both Puerto Rico and St. Thomas, we are an important aviation fuel provider for the largest airlines in the world at the international airports of Luis Muñoz Marín in San Juan, Rafael Hernández in Aguadilla and Cyril E. King in St. Thomas.

Our current portfolio includes over 10 airlines and we make sure we deliver millions of gallons per year.

Fleet Card

The TPPRC Fleet Card program offers the following:

  • Electronic fleet card
  • Can be used to purchase various products and services
  • Accepted in over 160 gas stations
  • 28 days of credit without interest charges
  • Prompt payment and volume discounts
  • Personalized billing to control fleet expenses with full description of the purchases


The TPPRC Industrial Business consists in selling fuels and lubricants to industrial customers. TotalEnergies​ always stays abreast of new modalities and trends in the market and the industry, competitors and the strategies of principal customers. The most important customers are pharmaceutical companies, resellers, manufacturing companies, etc.

St. Thomas

It is a multi-product terminal. The principal business is aviation, and we sell products to 100% of the airlines that operate in the airport. It also has 5 gas stations, industrial clients and the TotalEnergies​ PASS fleet card.