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Privacy Policy

TotalEnergies Petroleum Puerto Rico Corp. (“TPPRC”) publishes this privacy policy to share our practices related to information management on our digital platforms.

Your visit to our digital platforms, as well as sharing Personally Identifiable Information is completely voluntary. If you decide not to share this information you will not be able to participle of this activity.

By providing any Personally Identifiable Information you agree to the following terms: (i) you accept all of the conditions contained in this privacy policy; (ii) you agree that all of the information you provide can be stored and used for commercial purposes related to receiving offers and discounts from our service centers; (iii) grant authorization to TPPRC to compile, summarize, share with its affiliates and advertising agencies, communicate, transmit and use the information according to the conditions hereby established and applicable laws; (iv) you  declare that all the information you provide is truthful and valid.

The TPPRC web server automatically recognizes and stores from every visitor to our digital platforms, information like visitor IP address/domain name, and any site that references this site. To achieve this, TPPRC can use various technologies like the use of cookies.

Additionally, TPPRC could request Personally Identifiable Information, like your name,  email address, postal address, telephone number, document identification number, among others. By providing this information, you agree that TPPRC can use the information provided by you in our digital platforms, along with any other information collected about you from third parties you have previously authorized to use your information, with the goal to effectively adapt our digital platforms, services and offers for you.

Protection of Personally Identifiable Information

Unless it is requested by you or for the originally requested purposes, TPPRC will not share any personal information you provide on our digital platforms with any third party. However, as previously stated, you authorize TPPRC to share the personal information you provide with TPPRC and its affiliates (in which TPPRC directly or indirectly owns more than 50% of the outstanding shares). TPPRC may also share Personally Identifiable Information when required by law or judicial order, as well as with the company that TPPRC appoints to operate its digital platforms.

If you are under 13 years of age you should not provide any personally identifiable information  (for example, last name, postal address or email address) on our digital platforms without the knowledge or authorization of a parent or custodian. If we know that you are under 13 years of age, we will not store or use any Personally Identifiable Information about you without the verifiable consent of a parent or custodian,  except when allowable by law. This could mean that you will not be allowed to participate of some activities on our digital platforms without this consent.

TPPRC reserves the right to change, modify or eliminate in its entire or exclusive disclosure, totally or partially and in any moment, any portion of the platforms and its contents, as well as the terms of service or privacy policy. This change will become effective the moment they are published on the platform. The use of the platform will be considered as acceptance from you of the changes will constitute your agreement to abide by them.