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Through a chain of logistics, TotalEnergies has quality controls on their fuel that ensure distribution of top quality fuel.


Fuel development at Totalenergies

Investigators are working with all types of fuel and are providing their knowledge and expertise for the benefit of all.

TotalEnergies strong points are:

  • Undisputed technical expertise
    • Knowledge of fuels and biofuels.
    • Exclusive superior quality fuels.
    • Controls of systemized controls.
  • 3 Research Centers - Over 550 investigator
  • Partnerships with:
    • Auto manufacturers and Equipment Manufacturers.
    • Independent Research Centers (Universities, Labs)​
  • Competencies in the service of high speed vehicles and regular vehicles

TotalEnergies’ Investigation Center and its ACS subsidiaries develop specific additives for each fuel. Therefore, TotalEnergies proposes high-grade fuels with improved performance due to the addition of these additives.

Steps in central storage and charging stations.

TotalEnergies regularly monitors the quality of fuel in their tanks.

The additives developed by the TotalEnergies Research Center are added to the fuel during tanker truck filling, and prior to delivery at TotalEnergies stations. For gasoline, bio-fuels are added based on the type of fuel and existing regulations. The tanker truck has several compartments and can fill several stations with different products.


Delivery at Totalenergies stations

The tanker truck equipped with several compartments distributes specific TotalEnergies fuels at TotalEnergies stations. 

Regularly, quality checks are carried out at service stations to ensure the level of performance required by TotalEnergies. All TotalEnergies fuels contain additives and therefore offer superior quality.