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What is 5w30 motor oil and should I use it for my car?

5w30 motor oils are highly versatile and commonly used in a wide variety of engines. They are effective in temperatures as low as -30ºC.

Why does my car need gear oil?

Gear oil lubricates and maintains the integrity of the gear systems in your car, like the transmission, manual gearbox, and differential.


What is antifreeze, and why should I put it in my car?

Antifreeze is essential to the proper functioning of your vehicle. It helps to maintain engine temperature and prevents it from overheating. 

Choosing the right hydraulic oil

There are several types of hydraulic oils on the market. What factors should you consider when choosing your hydraulic oil?

5W-40: choosing the right engine oil for your car

5W-40 motor oils are suitable for use in a variety of climatic conditions and are effective for starting engines in temperatures as low as -30°C.

Understanding Brake Fluid

Brake fluid, a type of hydraulic fluid, transfers power within your vehicle’s brake system. It’s what ensures that when you put your foot on the brake pedal, your vehicle comes to a stop. 

What is the viscosity grade of motor oil?

5W-30, 15W-40, 10W-40... The viscosity grade of a motor oil indicates the lubricant’s level of fluidity and its efficiency at low and high temperatures.

What is the composition of motor oil?

Motor oil is derived from crude oil. How is it made and what additives are used?

What is the octane rating in gasoline?

Gasoline is the best-known fuel and has different properties that allow it to be the source of energy that runs the engine of your vehicle. 

When you should change the engine oil


The indication on the dashboard is not the only indicator for changing engine oil. There are several additional signs that we must pay attention to such as appearance and texture.

How to check your engine oil?

To ensure that your vehicle and the mechanical components that comprise it work properly, it’s essential to check your engine oil and change it regularly.