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We are commited to you for a lasting relationship:

Every day we work more closely with you, supporting you in your work area.
Always attentive and available, we meet your current requirements and find the right solutions for your future needs.
We innovate for you and constantly improve the range of products and services.
We make every effort to become a major global player, mainly to locate our production units as close to you as possible which helps develop your markets.

We offer products of unsurpassed quality and purity:

At the forefront of innovation, we have developed a unique expertise to offer high-tech products that are efficient in many applications: in buildings and in the automotive industry; in the production of tires, ink, paint, silicone sealants and cosmetics; in the treatment of water and crop protection; in drilling fluids , and as administrators of other applications.

A responsible approach to product quality

Responsible Activity

Our products are certified under ISO 9001 quality standards and our production facility in Oudalle is certified ISO 14001. Our responsible and environmentally conscious management, applied in synergy with the factors that have always characterized us:

  • The accurate service we offer to our customers;
  • The flexibility we offer as support;
  • Our understanding of the business and customer applications.

At the same time, TotalEnergies​ Special Fluids offer to absolute priority:

  • The quality of the service provided;
  • Logistics and transport of goods by land or sea;
  • Timely provided materials.

Our management is respectful of the environment, reducing the impact of our operations through the life cycle of the product:

  • Innovation: develop unscented, biodegradable and less volatile products;
  • Production: strive to achieve energy efficiency and minimum discharge;
  • Logistics: a supply chain to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases;
  • Completion : the best solution for recovering packaging and recycled products.

Afaq ISO 9001 Certificate
Afaq ISO 14001 Certificate
Society and Environment 2011 Report

TotalEnergies​ Special Fluids offers its clients product safety:

  • Insurance;
  • Regulation compliant;
  • Registered for their application (Reach)

Our regulatory responsibility is a constant concern in the company. We actively participate in the work of groups and associations of hydrocarbon solvents producers, such as the European Association HSPA (within CEFIC).