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Two different cards are available at TotalEnergies​. One is used for corporate clients and the other is a Prepaid or Gift Card. You may contact the card team for more information.

Once you arrive at the service station, you may go directly to the cashier. At that moment cashier will do a pre-authorization of your purchase. In order to complete the pre-authorization, cashier will ask the client to key his security PIN code. We do not recommend sharing your security code or PIN Number.

You may change the PIN code of your card at any service station or thru our TotalEnergies​ Offices. You must check before, with your account administrator that you are allowed to change the PIN. Some companies may select not to allow PIN changes in their account.

There is a minimum cost for the cards which is specified on the contract once you decide to join the program. In fact you only will be billed for the gasoline bought during the period of time selected. There are no charges for transactions, reports or service fees.

You can use the TotalEnergies​ Pass Cards at our service stations across the Island. Around 98% of our Service Stations accept the card. You may require an actualized list of service stations once you ask to join the program.

You'll get a list of TotalEnergies​ gas stations in Puerto Rico once you join the program. You can request this list whenever  deemed necessary. Also our TotalEnergies​ website contains update information: service stations.

The TotalEnergies​ Pass Program allows you to select the combinations of fuels and services depending on each user’s needs. Purchases are clearly identified, checked and secured thanks to cards’ and drivers’ PIN codes.

The card holder will be able to pay for the products authorized in his card (fuels and non fuels). This selection is made by the administrator of the account. Those products may be changed as needed. A written communication from the account administrator should be received in order to change products on the system.

Thanks to the detailed report of transactions, you can better control the consumption of your fleet. With TotalEnergies​ fuel cards, you can receive the detailed report of transactions on a regular basis and also you receive an efficiency report which gives an approximate consumption for each card. Also Our Web Page provides an easy access to your account, so you can track transactions every day if needed.

One you receive your card and PIN code you are ready to make a purchase at any TotalEnergies​ service station.

Once the account is opened, a memo is sent to the administrator of the account and a “card management form” is included to request new cards, cancel cards, request duplicates etc. That form should be sent by e-mail to: [email protected]. Once the request is processed you will receive a confirmation email. Also you can use the TotalEnergies​ pass website under CONTACT US and send a memo to us.

You should use the card management form and once filled out send it by email to [email protected]. Also you may use the web site TotalEnergies​ pass and send a memo under CONTACT US. Your card will be cancelled within 24-48 hours.