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TotalEnergies Lubricants have deposited in NEPTUNA all the experience for this range for pleasure boats, as well as the most recent international standards (National Association of Maritime Manufacturers) (NMMA - for its acronym in English), API, etc.). We offer in Puerto Rico lubricants for 2-stroke engines (2T), a state-of-the-art technology, which satisfy the technical requirements of the manufacturers. NEPTUNA TotalEnergies covers all the needs of pleasure boats from Gasoline or Diesel, offers better engine performance, consistent quality, a cleaner engine and safety in the environment.

Our NEPTUNA range includes a biodegradable oil. The benefits for you:

  • Maintenance of engine performance, over time: substantial detergent powder offers greater cleanliness in the hot parts of the engine.
  • It ensures the longevity of the engine: the oil layer is extremely resistant in all conditions. Its anti-use and anti-oxidant properties make the engine life longer, while its exceptional anti-rust and anti-corrosion additives protect the internal components of the engine from water.


Total Puerto Rico



NEPTUNA 2T SUPERIOR SPORT is formulated specially to please boat engines with water cooling.