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Whether you manage or sell fleets of heavy-duty vehicles, TotalEnergies Lubrifiants is your ideal partner to help keep your trucks, buses and coaches in excellent shape. Our comprehensive range of lubricants meets your every need, from enhancing fuel economies to reducing vehicle downtime. We have specialized products for both single- and multi-manufacturer fleets and dealerships. Our products are adapted to all different makes of truck, bus and coach. We're ready to help you identify the products that are right for your vehicles.

TotalEnergies​ oils for trucks, buses and coaches go above and beyond what the average automobile might require. Our Rubia range of engine oils is one of the most comprehensive on the market, specially formulated to:

  • extend oil change intervals,
  • reduce wear by limiting friction,
  • keep engines clean and operating smoothly,
  • promote fuel economies,
  • minimize downtime and repair time.

Our Rubia product line is segmented into three categories. In addition, TotalEnergies​ also offers transmission oils for heavy-duty vehicles:

RUBIA TIR lubricants - premium oils

The majority of manufacturers approve Rubia TIR top-quality engine oils, which are composed of high-performance base oils and additives. Rubia TIR oils offer optimum engine performance and meet the most stringent requirements, especially where latest-generation engine systems are concerned. Rubia TIR includes two product series that help enhance fuel economies and minimize pollutants:

Rubia TIR FE engine oils

Rubia TIR FE (fuel economy) engine oils reduce friction and lower fuel consumption as well as CO2 emissions.

Rubia TIR Low SAPS engine oils

Rubia TIR low SAPS engine oils protect post-treatment systems and therefore reduce pollutant emissions. You can recognize these oils by their numbers: (Rubia TIR 9900 FE, 9900 FE, 8900 FE, 8900, 7900 FE, 7900).

Rubia Fleet lubricants - standard oils

Compliant with API standards, Rubia Fleet engine oils are lubricants with shorter profiles. The range includes both monograde and multigrade (15W-40 and 20W-50) oils.

Rubia TIR for specific applications

This range is designed for the most widely used engine systems on the market. Some of these products are for specific applications, such as Rubia POLYTRAFFIC 10W-40 for gasoline and diesel engines (intended for use in mixed fleets combining trucks, light utility vehicles and small utility vehicles). Others meet the requirements of bus fleets, such as Rubia CITY & ROAD 10W-40, Rubia GAS 15W-40 or Rubia S 10W (for hydraulic applications).

Rubia TIR for specific applications

TotalEnergies​ transmission oils

Lubricants for manual gearboxes (MTF)

We provide three distinct types of product:

  • Lubricants for manual gearboxes
  • Lubricants for axles
  • Combined application products (gearbox and axle)

Some products are specifically suited to the vehicles of certain manufacturers such as TRANSMISSION XI 75W-90 for Mercedes or TRANSMISSION RS 85W-140 for Scania.

Lubricants for automatic gearboxes (ATF)

We offer four distinct types of product for automatic gearboxes:

  • Dexron IIIG/H level products (Fluid XLD FE and FLUIDMATIC SYN)
  • Dexron IIIG level products (Fluid G3 and AT42)
  • Dexron IID level products (Fluid ATX and IId)
  • Specialty products intended for certain manufacturers

Do you manage a heavy-duty fleet of vehicles? TOTAL Lubrifiants knows your business.