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TotalEnergies​ and aviation worldwide

TotalEnergies​ has specialized in providing and marketing aviation fuel for over 50 years. Its primary objective is to satisfy its customers, at the most important regional and international airports, with the following products and services:

  • High quality aviation fuel, under the strictest environmental and safety standards

  • Complete range of services dedicated to Aviation (advice, refueling cards, etc.)

Its status as a leader in Europe and Africa gives TotalEnergies​ a strategic position in the aviation market, ensuring its customers an AIR TotalEnergies​ worldwide network in over 250 international airports located in 75 countries and 5 continents.

We offer Jet Fuel and AVAS at the following airports:

  • Cryril E.King in ST.Thomas USVI

TotalEnergies​ is present in every segment of aviation: airlines, industries (cargo), defense, business and general aviation. Qualified professionals offer innovative solutions perfectly tailored to customers in every sector.

TotalEnergies​ is a founding member of the international group Joint Inspection Group (JIG). JIG's mission is to promote safety, quality control and efficiency in installations of aviation fuel and in this manner regulate fuel operational standards in aviation. JIG establishes Operational and Quality Control Standards for Aviation Fuel, approved by the iATA. International oil companies perform facilities inspections at airports to ensure they operate according to JIG procedures.