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19/09/2018 News

Press release - TOTAL after María

Total Puerto Rico

San Juan, September 19, 2018 - One year after Hurricane Maria, Total Petroleum Puerto Rico has continued and expanded its investment to renew and strengthen its operations in Puerto Rico.

Total has continued advancing its project to double the storage capacity of fuel in its terminal, which will make Puerto Rico even more resilient. This project will be inaugurated in the first half of the year 2019, after an investment of over $ 40 million.

It is followed by a new millionaire investment to remodel and renovate its gas stations in its extensive network. In addition to the investment, the company has focused on redoubling emergency response plans based on the experience María has lived. The new emergency plan is a new benchmark for Total's operations around the world.

As part of the plan, it purchased more trucks of different sizes to facilitate the delivery of diesel and gasoline to stations and industrial customers, in addition to directly supplying its customers' commercial diesel generators. In addition, the supply of lubricants was extended to supply trucks, industrial fleets and generators.

The new response plan includes enabling external areas in the terminal to serve retailers as well as having areas at the stations for customers of the fleets at certain times.

He also introduced for sale the innovative "Awango by TOTAL" solar lamps in his stations. In addition to providing lighting, they provide recharge for mobile phones, tablets and computers, without having to be connected to the electrical system. These lamps were distributed free of charge last year in schools and municipalities. The response to communities was also reviewed in the plan to strengthen alliances that were more effective in providing timely assistance. In August Total tested the plan with an exercise that they tried to master. Total Petroleum Puerto Rico is ready!

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